Handmade khadi clothes in Mumbai


Mikhadi is offering handmade khadi clothes in Mumbai which is durable and skin cordial. Khadi is handmade breathable cotton fabric made by Indian artificer. It has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter as well as cool in summer season.


  • Khadi is hand spun and hand plain-woven from real natural cotton.
  • This hand spun and hand woven method provides Khadi an extra ordinary texture and finish that is kind of completely different and appealing.
  • Khadi is associate all weather fabric, most comfortable to wear and it offers an uncommon feeling. That is, hot in winter and funky in summer.
  • It causes no hypersensitivity reaction or irritations to the body.
  • Khadi is on the market in a range of color shades and designs; semi bleached cream and full white.


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Khadi cloth garments in mumbai

We are manufacturing quality assured collection of khadi cloth garments. Our khadi cloth garments have unmatched style, long lasting life, high strength and pure quality fabric. We tend to build extremely accepted quality stuff with in fabrication method of the offered range. Our khadi cloth garments in Mumbai are widespread amongst different brands because of our superior product quality.


Advantages of Khadi cloth Garment

  • spinning-wheel Provides employment and therefore food to poor people that spin and weave Khadi fabric.
  • It is created of cotton, therefore farmers get cash.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It is porous and manufactured from cotton, so healthful.
  • Connects you to freedom movement, to Gandhi and to all or any people who believe his values.


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